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Glossary & Product Features

10 Year Warranty
50 years on and Jacaru is still handcrafting leather hats to the highest standard at our workshop at the Gold Coast, Australia. You can be assured of our durable quality with our 10-year warranty on all Australian made genuine leather hats. (Please note that any non-leather products, including canvas and faux leather hats, as well as Breeze hats with a mesh crown, are excluded from this 10 year warranty as they are not designed to last that long.)
Kangaroo Leather
Made from responsibly sourced Australian Kangaroo Leather.
Australian Wool
Jacaru uses 100% Australian wool to ensure quality and support our Aussie farmers.
Indigenous Aboriginal Art
We celebrate the rich culture of Australia by only using genuine Aboriginal prints.
Features an internal or external adjuster for the perfect fit.
This hat is made with a breathable mesh allowing for maximum air flow.
Bovine Leather
Made from genuine bovine leather.
Buffalo Leather
Made from genuine buffalo leather.
Chin Strap
This hat comes with a chin strap.
Crushable or Squashable
You can fold and crush this hat and it will keep its shape. Great for travel and saving space.
Foldable or Rollable
This hat is made to roll or fold. Perfect for travel.
Handcrafted in Australia
This product has been handcrafted with infinite patience and high attention to detail in Jacaru’s workshop at the Gold Coast, Australia.
One Size Fits Most
This hat comes in one size.
This hat is ideal for travel. It can be folded and comes with a handy travel bag.
UPF 50+
Provides the maximum 50+ UPF rating. Use this to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
Vegan Friendly
Vegan friendly product.
Water Resistant
This item has water resistant properties. Protect yourself from the sun or a light drizzle. Please note that water resistant means that it is able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. It is not waterproof, i.e. not fully impervious to water and should not be drenched in heavy rain. 
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