How to picnic like a pro this summer

How to picnic like a pro this summer

You’ve planned the perfect Sunday – a picnic in the park, yummy foods and a couple of bottles of bubbly. You’ve found the perfect picnic position; half in the shade under a luscious tree though not too close that the tree roots make the ground uneven, while still enough sun that your legs can soak up the rays (a lot of strategy has gone into your specific picnic placement!) You place all your loot on the ground, lay down your rug, grab a bottle of bubbles and plop yourself down ready to pop that cork! And then it happens… before you can even say ‘Cheers’ you feel that dreaded dampness. It’s almost like it’s happening in slow motion, ever so leisurely seeping through each layer of clothing and it’s too late, there is nothing you can do about the inevitable. You leap to your feet, careful not to slip a drop on the way up and for the rest of the afternoon ‘casually’ sip your bubbles with your back up against the tree, hiding that ever so stylish wet patch you are now sporting and uncomfortably peeling your wet underwear away from your skin.

As dramatic as it sounds, we’ve all been there. You could have gone for a trusty plastic rug that is a strain on the environment, unsustainable, nonrecyclable and let’s face it – never going to look good on your Instagram feed!

Or you could be smart about this. Here at Jacaru, we’ve been on a mission to create the perfect picnic rug, so you never have to experience that wet butt feeling again. Made from oilskin, our rugs are naturally water resistant on one side and on the other a super-comfy and stylish cotton in a red tartan pattern (much more insta-worthy).

Made from tightly woven cotton and immersed in a special oil bath, oilskin (sometimes known as oil cloth) offers a natural way to create a water resistant surface and that's why it is the fabric of choice for sailors since New Zealander, Edward Le Roy used it to create garments in 1898 – clever man!

Thinking that you have no grass to sit on? No worries… Our oilskin also isolates against both hot and cold surfaces so you can lay it over concrete or hot tiles and enjoy that glass of bubbles!

We didn’t want our best-selling oil skin picnic rug to be all alone, so we’ve taken this sustainable fabric one step further to create a naturally insulated range of stubby holders and wine coolers, because at Jacaru, we believe in dry bums and cold beers! 


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